UQ Cultural Fiesta – Dress Up, Delicacies and Da’wah!

Dress Up, Delicacies and Da’wah

Assalaamu alaikum everyone!

Q. What do dressing up, delicacies and Da’wah have in common?
A. Good question!

Short Answer:
UQ Cultural Fiesta – Tuesday 22 May, 2012 – 10am to 2pm.
Part of UQ Diversity Week 2012.

Long Answer:
The Cultural Fiesta is one of the highlights of UQ’s Diversity Week.  It gives the opportunity for students to share their culture with the greater University community.  Last year was amazing with the Muslim Students showcasing their variety of cultures from the Far East to the Middle East and Asia.  The Cultural Fiesta provides a wonderful opportunity to share Islam and its traditions with non-Muslims, from beliefs and practices all the way to food and clothing!

Come along for Cultural Fiesta 2012 and follow these three steps!

  1. Wear your favourite traditional clothes
  2. Bring along some of your favourite foods
  3. Call your friends along!