Get regular updates about Ramadaan, Taraweeh, Jumu’ah, musalla, prayers, at the UQ Muslim Chaplain’s website

The UQ Muslim Chaplain, Imam Aslam, and his team have been doing a lot of hard work over the past years, organising the weekly Jumu’ah prayers, Ramadaan activities (taraweeh, daily iftaars, big iftaars, qiyamul-layl and more), Halal inspections, exam and graduation issues, many worship, multi-faith and student-related matters.

With the recent global outbreak of COVID-19, Imam Aslam and his team have been ensuring the welfare of the Muslim students and staff on campus and have been monitoring and actioning the Australian Federal and Queensland State governments’ and UQ’s regulations with respect to the prayer room and other worship activities.

As the situation develops, the UQ Muslim Chaplain’s website [] is constantly being updated with the latest information about the daily prayers and weekly Jumu’ah. As Ramadaan fast approaches there are important updates that will be posted soon to advise Muslim students and staff of the situation.

We pray Allah keeps us all in strong iman, safety and good health.

Was-salaamu-alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh