Jumu’ah prayers in 2022

Since the pandemic started, there have been many challenges to do with organising Jumu’ah prayers while keeping the community safe. Alhamdulillah, with the help of Allah, the Muslim Chaplain and his volunteers’ team, and MSAUQ as a part of their responsibility has been liaising with the UQ to make sure that UQ Muslim students and staff can perfom their obligatory duty of performing the five daily prayers and Jumaah prayers in a safe environment.

To learn about the times and venue of Jumu’ah prayer, please join Muslim Chaplain’s mailing list at https://mcatuq.com.

You can also help by volunteering to help with important duties such as cleaning up the Musalla, help with registering musalleen and ushering during the Friday prayers, please join the Muslim Chaplain Volunteers’ team via this link https://mcatuq.com/be-volunteer/