MSA-UQ aims to provide the following:

a) To facilitate good relationships between Muslim students.
b) To foster good relationship and understanding between Muslim and non-Muslim students at the University.
c) To keep Muslim students informed about worship facilities at the University.

Given that Muslims have different views, groups and ideologies, we, the Muslim Students’ Association of UQ (MSAUQ), cater for the need for the Muslim students that all Muslims agree on and that is essential for all Muslims which is the five daily prayers and Jumaah prayers and in this we help the Muslim Chaplain and his volunteers’ team.

As for other needs of the Muslims, wherein Muslims have ideological and other differences such as various classes/halaqas or social activities, given our past experience of conflicts over these, we encourage other student clubs on campus that are dedicated to those, to cater for those activities according to their own ideologies.

This is a way to ensure there is harmony amongst Muslims

MSA-UQ works closely with the UQ Muslim Chaplain – https://mcatuq.com.

For more info, please contact us at info@msauq.org.au