Big Iftaar 2017


The holy month of Ramadaan is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar. Muslims all over the world abstain from food, drink and intimate relations from dawn until sunset with the purpose of attaining self-restraint, piety, purification of the soul, mind and body, and self-development.

In the nights of Ramadaan, Muslims flock to the masaajid (mosques) to offer extra ritual prayers to increase in spirituality and come closer to Allah (God). During the prayer, the Imam (leader of the prayer) recites the Qur’an and the worshippers listen carefully and ponder over its meaning and reflect on its message in order to rectify themselves and become productive members of society.

Iftaar – Evening dinner to break the fast

Moments after sunset, the call for the evening prayer is made. Muslims gather at homes or at masaajid (mosques) to break their fast. It is a moment of joy and achievement for every fasting person and an atmosphere of happiness and sharing.

In multi-cultural settings, such as the University, Muslims from all over the world bring their cultural foods to share. The Muslims from the Middle-East are famous for their combination of strong coffee and sweet dates, the South-East Asians for their exotic sweets, and the South Asians for their spicy, delicious foods. It is an amazing spectacle to see such community spirit in an ethnically diverse group of people.

The Big Iftaar

For the last ten years, the Muslim Students Association at UQ has organised evening breakfast meals for fasting students every night in the month of Ramadaan. For the last eight years, the MSA has held a special annual gathering in Ramadaan inviting the broader UQ community to experience the amazing atmosphere of Ramadaan. This year, the MSA once again opens its doors to the wider UQ community to host a wonderful event — the Big Iftaar — an awesome multi-cultural event attended by students and staff from all over the world!


Highlights of The Big Iftaar:

  • Athaan – call for the evening prayer. This call is made in Arabic with special words that are used by Muslims all over the world.
  • Everyone breaks their fast, usually with a very light meal of dates, other fruits, entrees and water/juice.
  • Evening prayer – everyone lines up in straight lines facing the direction of Mecca for the prayers. Everyone prays in synchrony, led by the Imam.
  • Main Iftaar meal – this is the main course featuring delicious foods from all over the world.
  • Speeches – guests are welcomed, and a short presentation of Islam and Ramadaan is presented for the benefit of the wider UQ community. Special guests are invited for a short speech.

The Muslim Students Association of the University of Queensland would like to acknowledge the generous support of our members to run this event.


The Muslim Students Association of UQ would like to request the pleasure of your attendance at

The Big Iftaar 2017 – NOW ON TWO DAYS!

Date: Wednesday 31st May and Friday 2nd June 2017

Time: 450pm for 5pm start

Venue: Heath and Holt Rooms, UQ Union Complex

Please confirm your attendance, RSVP by registering below

For further enquiries, please contact us at



We have reached venue capacity and cannot take any new registrations. Feel free to email us and visit one of our smaller daily iftaar dinners.