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Membership of MSAUQ

You can either be a paid member ($50) and contribute to management of MSAUQ or be a subscriber member in mailing list only and receive updates about MSAUQ religious help that we offer to Muslims at UQ.

If you are a Muslim student and would like to know about the prayer services for Muslim students at Campus, join the Muslim Chaplain/Imam’s website mailing list at

If you would like information about religious help MSAUQ gives in addition to Chaplain, join our mailing list at

If you want to actively participate in running of MSAUQ and will commit to attend meetings, you can become a member by paying the membership fee of $50 at the Student Union’s qpay sign up webpage at

Important Note: If you cannot commit to attend meetings of MSAUQ, it is good to only join the mailing list and not become a member. This is because each meeting has required attendance and if members do not commit to attend management related meetings, it will harm MSA.

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